Welcome to the Graphite beta
Everything is still a little early, so please add comments if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions!

What is Graphite?

Graphite is a fast, simple code review platform designed for engineers who want to write and review smaller pull requests, stay unblocked, and ship faster. Anyone can start using Graphite individually without needing their coworkers to change tools - we'll seamlessly sync your code changes and reviews. We built Graphite because we missed internal code review tools like Phabricator (at Facebook) and Critique (Google) that help engineers create, approve, and ship small, incremental changes, and long-term we’re passionate about creating products & workflows that help fast-moving eng teams achieve more.
Have a few minutes? Check out quick video demo from Merrill on the Graphite team:
Graphite is designed to be used at work - unfortunately we don't yet support submitting PRs to open-source repos as an external contributor (i.e. without write access) due to limitations of GitHub.

What can you do with Graphite?

With Graphite, you can:
  • Easily develop with stacked changes locally
    Graphite keeps track of your stacks and automates all of the tedious recursive rebases needed to support a stacked changes workflow.
  • Create and update pull requests for the branches in your stack
    Graphite makes it easy to open PRs for all branches in your stack and update them as you iterate - and we'll even add a comment to help your reviewers easily navigate to the other PRs in the stack.
  • View and customize inboxes for your pull requests & reviews
    Graphite's web dashboard helps you get through code review faster and focus on what's actionable with a powerful, customizable review queue with split inboxes (i.e. "Needs your review", "Your pull requests", "Your team's pull requests").
  • Visualize stacks on the code review page
    Graphite's web dashboard shows you a visualization of all the PRs in a stack at a glance, allowing you to better understand which PRs to review first as well as the subsequent ordering and narrative arc of the stack.
  • Give thoughtful, actionable code reviews in less time
    Graphite's modern, keyboard-first interface makes code review fast, intuitive, and enjoyable (with first-class support for fun features like gifs & memes/image macros)