Collaborating on a stack
Version 0.18.3 introduces a new command, gt downstack sync, that allows you to pull your coworker's stacks from remote into your local repository.
For example, coworker A could create and submit their branch:
gt branch create my_branch -m "My changes"
gt ss
Then, coworker B could pull the branch to their machine:
gt downstack sync my_branch
This will sync all branches that my_branch depends on (starting from the bottom of the stack). If any of the branches already exist locally, Graphite will prompt you to confirm that you'd like to overwrite your local copy, and abort if you change your mind. Coming soon: Instead of overwriting local changes, rebase them onto the remote branch.
We are still iterating on this feature, and would love to hear more on how we can add tooling around it to better support your workflow in the #downstack-sync-preview channel on our community Slack server!
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