Familiarizing yourself with gt
Welcome to Graphite! Once you've installed the CLI, it's time to start learning the core commands and workflow. We'll start with the basics of creating a stack of changes, submitting the changes for review, addressing comments, and merging them. Later on in the guide, we'll get into other topics including reordering stacked branches and collaborating on stacks with your teammates. Graphite's commands (for the most part) follow a noun-verb model, i.e. gt branch create creates a branch. We'll go over most commands in the following pages. If you at any time need help remembering a command, how it works, or what the shortcuts are, we do our best to provide a multitude of ways to unblock yourself:
  • --help options for every command
    • Run gt --help to see the list of top-level commands (mostly nouns)
    • Run gt <noun> --help to see the list of commands (verbs) for a given noun
    • Run gt <command> --help to see all options that can be passed to the command
  • Tab completion (see the "Shell completion setup" page under "Installing the CLI")
  • The "Command reference" page found at the end of this guide.
If you ever run into trouble figuring something out, or have a suggestion on how this documentation might be improved, please reach out in our community Slack channel.
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