Modifying a stack
With the Graphite CLI, you can easily modify the dependencies of your branches.

gt upstack onto

You can use gt upstack onto to rebase a branch and all of its recursive children onto a branch of your choice.
  • Checkout the branch that you'd like to rebase.
  • Run gt upstack onto to open an interactive prompt that allows you to select the new parent of the branch.
  • You can also specify the branch yourself with gt upstack onto new_parent

gt downstack edit

If you've created a stack of several branches, you can change the order of the stacked branches by using the command gt downstack edit.
  • Checkout the top of the stack you'd like to edit.
  • Run gt downstack edit to open an interactive editor which shows each branch in the stack as a line.
  • Reorder the branches as desired, keeping in mind that you might need to resolve merge conflicts that arise.
  • Save and close the file, triggering a series of automated rebases. If conflicts occur: resolve them, stage the resolutions, and run gt continue to finish the edit command. This is the same pattern you would use when resolving conflicts in a gt upstack onto command.
  • After reordering, you can run gt stack submit to create PRs or update the merge-bases of existing PRs.
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