Using your PR inboxes

Each pull request that matches the filters for each section will show up in the table:
You can sort by title, change size, and last updated time.

You can also search for pull requests (by title, author etc) using the search icon in the upper right corner of each section:

Each PR in the table has (from left to right):
  • Approval status (has the PR been approved?)
  • Title & author
  • Position in stack
  • CI status (is CI passing/failing/in progress?)
  • Mergable status (are there conflicts with main?)
  • Lines added/deleted
  • Last updated time (by default, the table is sorted by most recently updated)
Clicking each row will take you to the Graphite code review interface for the pull request - more info here:

Clicking on the 4/5 in the above example PR opens a modal where you can see where the PR is in a stack:
Note that you can see the status of each PR (in this case all are drafts) - here's another example with an approved PR at the top of the stack, but changes requested on the bottom PR:

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